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Railcar Portfolio Acquisition

BBRM identified an opportunity to acquire a portfolio of assets from a railcar leasing company and to add value through more efficient financing sourced from the Japanese operating lease market.

"... this is another one of those deals that simply could not have been done without Advantage. This was a portfolio of 665 used railcars, broken down into five different groups based on car type and age. Each of the five groups had its own debt constraints, depreciation, lease expiry, FMV, yield requirement, etc., and there were additional constraints at the portfolio level on the debt, yield, and loss ratio. Advantage allowed us to meet all of these constraints and target an agreed portfolio price by optimizing both the costs paid per car and the leverage per group - an impossible task in anything but Advantage."

Steve Ince (San Francisco),
Senior Financial Analyst with over 7 years of financial structuring experience


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