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German Tax Modeling

In Germany, their Federal taxes and Trade taxes come with detailed rules and tests that make financial modeling difficult at best. Advantage's intrinsic ability to handle taxes generally makes this an easier task. Plus, the capability for analysts to create their own custom tax instruments in Advantage meant that the complexity of German taxes could be captured and made part of the Advantage tool box under an analyst's control.

"Advantage was a true advantage to me in German tax-based analysis. In less than 50% of my deal related time, I was able to do a similar amount of analysis as two people would do in another shop here in Germany. This was only possible due to the wonderful Advantage model that we had built. In so far as tax anywhere is concerned, and especially in Germany, Advantage makes the most complicated tax issues easier to model."

John Morello (Munich),
Senior Financial Analyst with over 16 years of experience


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