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Real Estate Joint Venture

Long-term 50 year real estate joint venture investment.

"Modeling this joint venture had a number of daunting obstacles. There were 50 years of monthly projections with many different cash and tax attributes. Accurately modeling construction expenditures, revenues, fixed and variable expenses, deposit and investment accounts, financing flows as well as different equity distribution agreements was mind boggling. Advantage's ability to easily handle both the cash and tax attributes of each economic flow provided me with the tools to get the job done. Advantage's built-in tax accrual handling saved me from writing a lot of nasty formulas. And Advantage's reporting facility made the creation of reports (annual vs monthly) a breeze.

I could have completed this model in Excel but it would have taken much more time and would have been much less flexible and accurate."

Eric Wu (San Francisco),
Senior Financial Analyst with over 22 years of experience


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