Advantage for Analysts, Inc. structures, analyzes and tracks lease and partnership tax equity financed deals for U.S. renewable energy projects. Our team of industry experts, enabled with an advanced modeling technology, delivers tailored solutions and transfers capabilities to clients through side-by-side analysis, guidance, and in-depth training.  Key components of solutions include:

Analytic Services

Advantage produces deal structures and analytic insights in a fraction of the time of anyone else in the industry with far fewer resources.
We support improving overall portfolio performance by analyzing and developing strategies at the project and portfolio levels.
Our ongoing research and enhancements offer clients state-of-the-art structures.

Project Finance Training

Advantage offers the opportunity to establish capabilities in-house through in-depth training and hands-on guidance and support.

Modeling Technology

Technology supports a broad range of innovative structuring options that help clients identify feasible structures and increase returns. Our modeling environment is transparent, eliciting greater confidence and reducing risk.